• Pamela Oakspring is dedicated to the path of embodied spirituality in harmony with Nature and loves sharing her passion with others. Her primary love and quest is to feed the wild spirit, embody wholeness, and grow in peace with the land, and for this to be of service to the flowering of consciousness and the future generations. She shares her passion with others through shamanic journeys, healing ceremonies, breathwork, retreats, and vibrational essences, focusing on empowerment and Nature connection.
  • Pamela has been un-learning and re-membering her true nature since she started Yoga at the age of 12 when she had an experience that offered her a glimpse of inner freedom. At 19, her inner quest for healing and her love of Nature brought her onto the empowerment of the Shamanic path and Medicine For The Earth transmutation work
  • Pamela is a Transformational Breathwork practitioner, Shamanic journeying guide, Energy healer, SUNDOOR Firewalking Instructor, Sacred Plant Ceremony guide and 5 Elements Dance facilitator. She is also a vibrational essence maker and a wellness advocate for Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils for well-being and empowerment.
  • Pamela is passionate about re-wilding, women's mysteries, sacred plant medicine, nutrition, detoxification, joyful living and conscious family preparation. She is a Moondancer and pipe carrier, loves tending the Bees, being in Nature, making wild medicine, music, singing, dancing and coming together as a tribe for healing, mutual support, and celebration.
  • Green Heart Sanctuary is Pamela’s contribution to the flowering of consciousness and Love intelligence on the planet at this time in alignment with Mother Nature and our own wise tribal Hearts.
  • May we walk in Beauty with Heart and Respect for all Life
  • ♥ With Love and Gratitude Always ♥

Copyright (c) Pamela Oakspring 2017. All Rights Reserved.
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