Being a Woman

moons What does it mean to be a woman in this world? How does it feel to be a creature who shifts and changes with the lunar cycle, menstruating again and again, the wisdom of her body inviting her to pay attention…? Pay attention to what?! We haven't been taught to honour our body rhythms in this culture, but instead we are encouraged to fit into a 9-5, 7 days a week active schedule that stays the same throughout the year. What about the seasonal influence on our productivity? Our innate need to rest and renew? How can we birth our full potential if we do not have a gestation period? The masculine schedule that predominates in western culture is being challenged by an increasing number of women and men who are asking themselves what they really need and taking time to stop and listen to their bodies and hearts. We are the ones who have to challenge the current pace of our society if we want to create a new way of living for deeper harmony for ourselves and the future generations. Feminine intuition exists in both men and women, just as practical logic exists in both sexes. However, intuition is particularly strong in women in relation to their cycle. We have a vast cave of wonders in our wombs that can guide us to make optimum choices for our health, careers, relationships and well-being… Let us slow down the pace, tune in and listen inside… In one moon's time, we will gather at Green Heart Sanctuary as a circle of women to do just this at Wild Womb Gathering. We will be close to nature and our oldest ancestors, the elements, together on a pure and simple camping retreat. We will have the opportunity to connect deeply with ourselves, with each other and with the land. Using ancient and new shamanic practices, Cacao and Firewalking ceremonies, nature connection, silent time, and creative processes, we will weave magic from our hearts and wombs to help us anchor our truest connection into our lives to help us follow the clear direction our Spirits guides us in… 10622169_10152587032186331_1418907649_nThe retreat is facilitated by myself and Karen Burt ( We will hold a loving space and gently guide you throughout the weekend. It is only 89 pounds for the ticket as we wish for sisters who truly yearn for this retreat to be able to join us in beautiful Wales in a safe and sacred space to dream, rest, let go, heal and celebrate ourselves as women! Further information will be provided soon by email for those who have booked their tickets through the retreats page: I look forward to the sharing of our hearts and wombs on the land xxx Welcome sisters!  
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