• Welcome to a sacred ceremonial space to release, empower, express, embody, celebrate and shine your light within the Sisterhood. Together we will journey shamanically to connect to our deep power and dance our prayers together on this New Moon.
  • “Whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, Ahau Kakaw (Cacao) comes from the rainforest to open people’s hearts and returns us all to harmony”
  • We will be working with heart-opening, Ceremonial-grade Cacao blended with the Tree medicine of our native Blackthorn. Cacao empowers our heart, clearing emotional blockages and helping us to embody and hear our inner wisdom, while Blackthorn is a wise Crone who helps us to heal our shadows and own our full, deep feminine power. I have found that these two wonderful Plant Allies work powerfully together on the journey of healing, empowerment and embodiement.
  • This journey includes:
  • ♥ Sharing Circles in Sacred Space
  • ♥ Sacred Cacao & Blackthorn Ceremony
  • ♥ Shamanic Journey for deep connection to your inner Wisdom
  • ♥ Wild Womb Embodiement & New Moon Manifestation Dance
  • ♥ Body Blessing Meditation
  • Please book your place beforehand so that I can make the perfect amount of plant medicine for our circle. Please avoid caffeine and eat lightly on this day before the ceremony. Bring with you plenty of water, your journal and an object for the altar to represent your intention if your wish.
  • Cacao Flower Essence and Blackthorn Tree Essence made by me will be available for purchase at the event.
  • I look forward to journeying with you in Sacred Space.
  • The cost for this ceremonial journey is £33
  • Please arrive on time for 14:30pm-17:30pm at the Sweet Track Centre, Glastonbury

  (c) Pamela Oakspring 2017. All Rights Reserved.
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