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Breath Journey

  • Grounded in 10 years of experience in Energy Healing and Shamanism, I use my intuition to combine Transformational Breathwork, Shamanic Tools, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy and Vibrational Essences to co-create a unique healing session to support you to crack the cocoon, activate your full potential and emerge renewed, empowered and in close relationship with yourself. ♥ 90 minutes: £75
  • AuraTransformation

  • AuraTransformation™ is a one time treatment that takes about 3 hours. During this time, deep healing can unfold as we work with healing and re-wiring your energetic blueprint as you rebirth into the New Time Aura. A Balancing session of 1 hour follows the AuraTransformation™, 2-3 days later, which helps the energies of the Masculine, Feminine, and Elements of Fire, Water, Earth and Air to come into balance in the body, and assists the person to further integrate their reclaimed essence within their new Aura.
  • The energetic structure of the human being, the aura, has been developing from the ancient 7-chakra structure into the 3-chakra structure of the Indigo Aura in children born around the 1990s. Gradually, all aspects of consciousness have been coming to meet and merge at the location of the Heart to become a 1-chakra aura structure known as the Crystal Aura, which children have been developing since early 2000's. This is a wonderful sign for humanity's evolution as the power of the Heart can be experienced as being fully embodied as the primary authority and guide in the new children being born.
  • AuraTransformation™ can help adults born before the 1990's to take their personal development into greater alignment with the unfolding energies of the planet at this time. Whether you want to let go of old restrictions, take responsibility for your life, be effective for good in the world, be more in tune with your children, or want to deepen your relationship with self, AuraTransformation is an opportunity for deep re-patterning and home-coming to the Heart. As the 7-chakra aura structure is upgraded, our energetic container can integrate and hold more of our Spiritual life force and the new energies blooming forth on the Earth. This new aura structure can put us more deeply in alignment with our life purpose and support us to live it with increased drive and manifestation power.
  • These times are ripe for the Empowerment of the Heart that AuraTransformation™ provides ♥
  • I believe these new energetic aura structures have been emerging in the children to allow us to become more heart-centered as a species, and more powerfully intuitively-guided in our lives so that we can make the changes necessary to live in harmony with the planet. I believe the Earth is calling us to take full responsibility for ourselves now, to awaken and be conscious co-creators with her.
  • The crystallisation process of the New Time Aura:
  • Benefits

  • The benefits of AuraTransformation™ will be different from person to person and every experience is unique. However, some of the benefits that people have experienced from their AuraTransformation™ include:
  • Accelerated consciousness development
  • Improving intuition and overview of one's life
  • Greater decisiveness
  • Increased passion, radiance and materialisation power
  • Greater endurance
  • More self-confidence
  • Inner peace and balance
  • Being true to your own needs
  • Better boundaries in relation to others
  • More joy of life
  • Greater clarity and drive to live your life to the fullest
  • More spontaneity and ability to live in the present moment
  • Better connection and understanding of children
  • Increased openness towards others without being on guard
  • Less easily troubled by challenges coming from your surroundings
  • Easier ability to clearly express your personal standpoint
  • Investment for an AuraTransformation™: £ 250
  • Feel free to get in touch with any questions you may have.
  • Warning: AuraTransformation™ can create changes in your life!
  • Often after an AuraTransformation™, that which is not in alignment with your Heart's authority will no longer seem to fit, like an outgrown sweater, and a big clear out can happen in your life on many levels. This is the personal work that follows AuraTransformation™ and empowers your consciousness as you have the opportunity to re-pattern and make the choices that strengthen your true essence to thrive in the world.
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